Payment and transfer solutions
that save your time and money

Leading company in electronic payment and transfer services,
Family Remittance payments and transfers, as well as Foreign
Exchange through its sister company, Casa de Cambio Teledolar.

Who are we?

Teledolar is dedicated to improving financial resources for consumers through alternative, secure and reliable channels, refining the user experience and expanding access to vital services.


Teledolar is committed to a Fintech model offering multi-national payment channels empowering nationals and immigrants with agile and secure financial transactions


We are poised to lead the region in processing commercially and financially viable electronic financial services through bulk distribution channels, while pledging our role as a socially responsible company

Institutional values


We comply with all ethical
social and regulatory standards and
do so in transparent
honest and reliable means as
we engage in our corporate activities.


We act honestly
and transparently
to ensure quality services
to our customers


 We offer the best of             ourselves and continue             while                                   continuing to meet the             needs  of our clients.


 We accomplish our goals             and efficiently serve the             needs of clients while                 taking                                             full advantage of
our company resources.

Currency Exchange

Teledolar counts on its sister company, Casa de Cambio Teledolar S.A., for administration and sales of FX currencies.

This entity was authorized by SUGEF 4223-2001 / 02761 on the second of November, 2001 as “Casa de Cambio TeleDolar, S.A ” in accordance with Article 86 of the Constitutional Law of the Central Bank of CostaRica, # 7558 and by the regulations of Foreign Exchange Operations.

Currently, its central offices are located in San Jose, Paseo Colon 22 and 24 streets, the Teledolar Building


Tatiana Castillo


“I have been using the Teledolar service for years and it is super convenient, and now with the Monis application it is much better and the service is excellent…”

Bryan Steven Abarca


“It is a winner, I am a frequent Teledolar customer and the Monis app has made everything easier for me, I don’t have to stand in long lines, and it really is the best thing they could do for someone like me. It shows that they appreciate the safety of their customers by innovating so we don’t have to leave home, even reloads can be made.”